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About us

About Churchills

hurchill’s Confectionery Limited is a privately-owned family business that was founded in 1989. Based from its headquarters in Borehamwood Hertfordshire, we specialise in producing distinctive high-quality products, that are very detailed, creatively embossed pieces of artistic design in tin and carton boxes that contain delicious chocolates, sweets and biscuits.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the confectionery business, Churchill’s has grown from a small independent firm into an award winning global company. Notwithstanding our success on the international sphere, we remain an iconic British brand serving the UK and over 30 countries worldwide.

Complementing our mouth-watering assortment of confectionery, we pride ourselves on the craftsman ship, time and love that we put into making our products. We have tried to bring either the element of fun, novelty or true elegance and beauty to each and every one, to help you find the perfect gift, for friends, loved ones or even pure indulgence for yourself.

Churchill’s Confectionery is perhaps best known for its delightful souvenir tins, many of which feature London at its most recognisable, but our team has worked hard to expand the company’s product range over recent years to include our fabulous Art Deco collection and Victorian Fun Fair theme.

We have also worked with several high-profile retailers to develop many bespoke designs, fitting for our status as creators of premium confectionery products.

All our work is produced to the highest standards ensuring Churchill’s Confectionery always retains its reputation for quality.

Traditionally Delectable

Since 1989, Churchill’s Confectionery has been a byword for novelty, excellence and quality, with delicious treats and unique packaging.

Premium Confectionery From People Who Care

We aim to provide our customers with an unrivalled confectionery experience.
This requires our team of professionals to exhibit meticulous care over every aspect of production, from the drafting of conceptual designs and the creation of new artwork to the selection and packaging of premium sweets, chocolates and biscuits all made from 100% natural ingredients.

We genuinely care about our customers and love doing what we do. To ensure customer satisfaction with every product that leaves our warehouse we undertake the highest quality control procedures.